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Precise, reliable, perfect edges – FrogTape® sets sharp accents in every project!

The area of application makes all the difference

The decision as to whether to use Multi Surface or Delicate Surface adhesive tape depends heavily on the condition of the substrate

Multi Surface
Delicate Surface
Area of application
For a variety of surfaces and particularly suitable for smooth and slightly rough surfaces.
Extremely thin, tear-resistant washi paper – flexible and supple. Particularly suitable for sensitive surfaces.
Smooth walls
Slightly rough walls
Sensitive substrates
Dried paint coat
Freshly painted walls
Untreated wood
Treated wood
Duration of use
Indoor: 21 days | Outdoor area: 7 days
Indoor: 60days | Outdoor: 60 days

Sharp color edges in just one operation

Only FrogTape® uses the innovative PaintBlock® technology. This special and unique micro-barrier prevents paint from running under the adhesive tape.

This gives you perfect, razor-sharp results compared to conventional crepe or washi tapes.

Tape durchs feste andrücken anbringen


FrogTape® is coated with Paintblock® powder at the edges of the adhesive.

Gel bildet eine Barriere und verhindert das Unterlaufen der Frabe


When the Paintblock® powder comes into contact with water-based paint, it forms a gel that forms a micro-barrier in a fraction of a second and prevents the paint from bleeding.

Tape abziehen und einen saubere Farbkante erhalten


The result is perfect color edges.