How to use FrogTape®

Before you tackle your next painting project,

you should follow a few simple tips to achieve a flawless result.



Clean the surface with a sponge and mild soap. Wash out the sponge from time to time. Make sure that all walls and surfaces are completely dry and free of dust and grease before painting.


  • With PaintBlock® Technology: High-quality painter’s tape with innovative PaintBlock® Technology, which seals the edges of the tape and prevents the paint from running underneath to create sharp paint edges.

  • Good adhesive strength: Ideal for a variety of surfaces such as dried paint, skirting boards, glass, metal and much more.

  • Clean removal: Can be removed cleanly from interior and exterior surfaces for up to 21 days and is UV-resistant for up to 7 days, even in direct sunlight outdoors

  • No waiting time before painting: The solvent-free high-performance adhesive adheres quickly to the surface, so that painting can begin shortly after masking.

  • For best results: Remove the tape while the paint is still wet for sharp paint edges and professional results.

  • Test before use: Test the FrogTape® on a small inconspicuous area beforehand and check whether the surface and color are suitable for the application



If you already have some experience, you can unroll the tape in one long section. Always keep the roller flat against the wall. If you have less experience, you should apply the tape in shorter sections to avoid stretching the tape.

Then run your finger or a firm plastic tool such as a spatula or plastic card over the edge of the tape to remove any gaps and close the edges.


  • Activate the PaintBlock® technology by running a damp cloth over the edges of the belt before painting. As a result, the gel is already formed and cavities are sealed.
  • If you do not apply the FrogTape® in one piece, make sure that the sections overlap and that there are no gaps or corners.

  • Make sure that the band is not stretched. This can lead to poorer adhesion.

  • Carry out a test application by sticking the tape to an inconspicuous area beforehand.

  • Pay attention to your substrate: old paint may flake off or bubble. Such a surface is not ideal for FrogTape®, so problems can occur.


Pull off

For best results, remove the tape while the paint is still wet. Slowly peel off the tape at a 45-degree angle. If you hear tearing noises, it means you are going too fast.


  • Make sure that the FrogTape® does not stick to the surface for too long. You can find out how long you can leave the tape on in the product description.

  • Peel off the FrogTape® parallel to the surface.

  • When the paint is completely dry and a bridge has formed between the wall and the tape, carefully score the edge of the tape with a blade to make it easier to remove.

  • Do not pull the tape straight up or vertically.

  • Don’t rush it – if you work too quickly, you may have to repaint the surface.

  • Make sure that the adhesive tape does not stick to the surface again.