Why Frogtape®?

At FrogTape® we have sharp color edges down to a science. We have combined our exclusive PaintBlock® technology with a high performance adhesive system to deliver masking tapes that prevent paint bleed and adhere easily to the surface.

Unique technology

PaintBlock® technology

With FrogTape® you no longer have to wait to paint. You can start immediately and achieve super-sharp color lines even faster and easier.

How it works

FrogTape® is coated with PaintBlock® powder on the edges of the tape. As soon as the PaintBlock® powder comes into contact with water-based paint, it forms a gel that forms a micro-barrier and prevents paint from running under the tape. The result is extremely sharp color edges.

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Unique technology

Why Frogtape?

FrogTape® saves you the hassle of pre-painting with wall paint and the annoying problem of paint running under the tape. Our innovative PaintBlock® technology reliably prevents paint from running under the belt. With FrogTape® you can effortlessly achieve precise and professional results without the need for additional preparatory work.

For all applications

FrogTape® is more than just a painter’s tape – it is the versatile solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you want to embellish walls in your home, implement creative projects or achieve precise lines on different surfaces, FrogTape® is ready. From living spaces to DIY projects, it always offers reliable results. You can rely on the versatility of FrogTape® to achieve precise and professional results in almost any area.

Your benefits with FrogTape®


Ensure perfect color edges, even on textured surfaces such as woodchip.


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