FrogTape® on woodchip wallpaper

Creating sharp color edges on textured surfaces, such as woodchip, may sound like a challenge at first. But with FrogTape® the process is child’s play! No complex technique required – simple tips are all you need to achieve a beautiful result with clear colored or painted edges.

Sharp color edges without special technology

It is a challenge to achieve sharp color edges on textured surfaces such as woodchip. This requires a high-quality painter’s tape or appropriate techniques.

However, FrogTape® makes painting on lightly textured surfaces such as fine woodchip wallpaper effortless. A perfect result with clear paint or lacquer edges is no longer a problem with a few small tips.

To use the FrogTape® optimally, it is advisable to press the tape on firmly with a pressure aid and ensure that it adheres well to every area. The distance between the unevenness of the substrate and the belt should be minimal to prevent undercutting. It is therefore advisable to carry out a test application before complete masking in order to achieve optimum results.


Apply FrogTape

Make sure that the surface you want to cover is clean, dry and free of dust and grease. Use the FrogTape® and press it firmly onto the rough surface using a pressure aid.



Now you can start painting. Choose a water-based paint for your project. Make sure to always guide the roll along the edge of the FrogTape® tape, not against it.



For best results, remove the FrogTape® while the paint is still wet. Pull it off slowly at a 45-degree angle.

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