Guest room as an oasis of well-being

Turn your guest room into a lovely oasis of well-being with FrogTape®. With artistic color accents and precise masking, we create an inviting atmosphere that gives your guests a warm welcome. Every brushstroke contributes to the harmony of this room and makes it a place where guests can feel at home.

The right products

You will need the following items: a roll of FrogTape® Multi-Surface, a pencil, a ruler, wall paints and a paint roller. Think about the color selection for the individual hills.



Using a ruler, stick the FrogTape® Multi-Surface neatly and tidily in the desired position. It is important to press the tape on well.



Now use a paint roller to paint the cut-off area in the desired color. There are no limits to the imagination here.



Once everything has been painted cleanly, peel off the FrogTape® while it is still slightly damp and enjoy the sharp edge of the paint.

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