Office makeover

Experience the transformation of your office with FrogTape® and a palette of soft earth tones. These carefully selected colors not only give your workspace a new aesthetic, but also create an environment that promotes concentration, awakens inspiration and creates a sense of well-being in the workplace. This makeover is not just a visual change, but also an increase in the quality of work and the feel-good factor.

The right products

You will need the following items: a roll of FrogTape® Multi-Surface, 2 different wall paints, a paint roller and a brush.



Empty the office, measure the patterns and tape them overlapping. Important: Press down particularly well on woodchip wallpaper. See also our tip on woodchip wallpaper.



Paint the lower part first. It is best to start with a brush along the edges and then paint the large surface with a paint roller.



Carefully remove the FrogTape® while it is still slightly damp so that the second pattern can be painted.


Painting samples

Now paint the second pattern in a different wall color.



Remove the FrogTape® while it is still slightly damp and then allow the paint to dry.

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Further inspiration

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